About Her Sacred Body

Our intention at Her Sacred Body is to help you prioritise self-care and realise your magnificence!  We wish to help you reclaim your body  as your own, help you feel at home in yourself, heal from illness or past trauma, relieve chronic conditions and bring a balanced state of mind, body and heart. Our work can be especially helpful during physical and emotional transitions- such as life passages and changes such as hormonal transition, relationship changes, moving, grief/loss, pregnancy, preparing to get pregnant, parenthood, menopause, divorce, reclaiming a sense of independence, self-love and healing of any kind. Through Bellydance Wellness, Shamanic Healing, Holistic Bodywork, Energy Healing, and Workshops we bridge the gap between mind, body, heart and spirit to help you live in health and wholeness.

The name ‘Her Sacred Body’ refers to the Ancient Earth Mother as the sacred body that we walk on, are sustained by, and nurtured by. Like the earth, our bodies, minds and emotions can shift through cycles and phases in harmony with the moon, or attuned to our own cycles we may  not be aware of. Our modern culture does not value things perceived as ‘feminine’ such as cycles of birth-life- death-rebirth, emotional process, intuition, surrender, vulnerability, community gathering, variations in body types, size, colour or authentic expressions of sexuality/sensuality. All of these inherently ‘feminine’ qualities are often perceived as weak, threatening or unreliable. It is unfortunate and oppressive to us all. The essence of ‘The Feminine’, or ‘The Goddess’ can be defined in many different ways, and we encourage the full spectrum of interpretation and experience that is personal to you! Accessing our Feminine wisdom allows us to live in a more authentic, loving, connected way, in harmony with our bodies, with each other and with the earth.

Her Sacred Body is a wellness space where you can feel more empowered and embodied in Peterborough, Ontario. It is a place for anyone who feels they need to heal from a disempowered relationship with their body, intuition, creativity and power.

  • What if you listened to your body’s needs and honored its sensual wisdom?
  • What if you took time-out and cared for yourself as much as you care for your loved ones?
  • What if you trusted your intuition and let it lead you to exactly where you need to be?
  • What if you relaxed into the transformations in your life, recognising the divine wisdom behind the death and rebirth cycle?
  • What if you felt more at ease in navigating the challenges of mid-life?
  • What if during pregnancy, birth and postpartum you were supported and cared for in honor of your full feminine power?
  • What if you felt a sense of community and belonging with other like minds?
  • What if you felt free of the weight of past trauma, shame and dis-empowerment?
  • What if you looked in the mirror and saw a wise, beautiful, radiant Goddess?

Goddess SmudgeYou can!

You are gifted with Goddess Wisdom. You are connected to the cycles of creation, death and rebirth that flow through all life. Mother Earth’s seasons and cycles are reflected in us, Her body sustains us, and one day our bodies will return to Her. We flow and change like the moon, like the oceans, like the seasons. This is our feminine strength and our power. Once we re-establish our connection to our cyclical nature, our power can never be taken away, at any phase of life.  This is the essence of Goddess Wisdom.

“Remember that you are never alone. You are part of a far reaching lineage of strong women and sisters all over the world- keepers of the blood mysteries- reminding you that birth, life, death and rebirth are your sacred rites of renewal and growth. Celebrate the beauty of your natural rhythms- ovulation and menstruation, birthing and shedding, beginnings and endings, lightness and darkness, giving and receiving. All part of your sacred unfolding: the continuous re-birthing of yourself and deepening wisdom on this journey of life.

In this age of patriarchy and over-use of technology, you are a guiding light reminding us that we are not only beings of the civilised world but creatures of the WILD- dancing in harmony with the patterns of nature in a sacred spiral of becoming.

When we shed our layers of armor, shame and self-doubt, a beautifully wild self emerges and its power becomes palpable. Here we can discover a deep self-love and connection to the greater whole.

Place your hands on your belly or heart and feel the energy stirring within it…the heartbeat of the earth, the soothing ocean waves, the luminous moon. You are the seat of creation. The wild goddess within you is ready to be danced, howled, laughed, loved, silently embraced or simply dropped into. She waits patiently, lovingly, for Her remembering.”

-Serena Oakley


Explore the offerings of Her Sacred Body and see what calls to you. Let your feelings guide you. Each offering will deepen your connection to your Divine Feminine Wisdom, the unfolding of your inner beauty and authentic self!