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Invitation to the Wildish Womb…

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Sacred Spiral


On those days I feel alone my womb reminds me, in her sweet voice…

“Remember dearest woman, that you are never alone. You are part of a far reaching lineage of strong women and sisters all over the world- keepers of the blood mysteries- reminding you that birth, life, death and rebirth are your sacred rites of renewal and growth. Celebrate the beauty of your natural rhythms- ovulation and menstruation, birthing and shedding, beginnings and endings, lightness and darkness, giving and receiving. All part of your sacred unfolding: the continuous re-birthing of yourself and deepening wisdom on this journey of life.

In this age of ignorance, oppression and over-use of technology, you are a guiding light reminding us that we are not only beings of the civilised world but creatures of the wild- dancing in harmony with the patterns of nature in a sacred spiral of becoming.

When we shed our layers of armor, shame and self-doubt, a beautifully wild self emerges and its power becomes palpable. Here we can discover a deep self-love and connection to the greater whole.

Place your hands upon me and feel the energy stirring within…the heartbeat of the earth, the soothing ocean waves, the luminous moon. I am the seat of creation. I am the wild goddess within you- ready to be danced, howled, laughed, loved, silently embraced or simply dropped into. I await patiently, lovingly, for your return to me.”

So I am now going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn day, follow my wildish instincts and move toward what feels good, inspiring and nourishing… and later perhaps I will howl at the new moon.  You are invited to do the same 🙂 Happy Equinox and New moon!



The Real Reasons Why I Bellydance…

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There’s something about bellydance that draws me in and keeps me entranced, obsessed, intoxicated… like a lover who just won’t let up! I know I am not alone in this… I have seen it happen to many women. You know who you are 🙂

Maybe because unlike any other dance form, bellydance draws heavily on my passionate, sensual, sexual self. Maybe its the beautiful costumes, the glitter, the drum beat, the sultry vocals, being barefoot…or because it just feels so good.

Maybe I love belly dance because of the comraderie – While bellydance has been subjected to the same fate as most dance forms- the fourth wall- it still tries to hold onto its integrity as a community celebration. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy stage performance. But I feel bellydance is special in its accessibility and community spirit.

Maybe I love bellydance so much because it connects me to my roots.. Whether I have ‘roots’ meaning a genetic lineage to the Middle East, Egypt, or Africa I am not sure… but I have a past life memory of this, a sense of the connection to my ancient fore-mothers, strong female ancestors who moved their bodies in powerful ways- uninhibited, untamed, in celebration of life, death, and birth.

The movement of my hips, chest and belly- body parts that for so long were riddled with shame and self-consciousness, became free and filled with self-acceptance and joy. Bellydance helped me to remember that my womb and belly are the center of my life force.

Probably the main reason I love bellydance so much is because of how much it has helped me to love myself and my body.

It has become an indispensable practice of physical grounding, mental & emotional support for over 8 years.. through body-hate, eating issues, pelvic pain, pregnancy, post partum, depression, anxiety, relationships come and gone, many life transitions and changes, it has kept me sane and balanced…

I am very hard on myself. A recovering perfectionist. Its easy for me to take any physical discipline, or fun activity and make it hard. Impossible to reach standards propel me forward. I thrive on challenge but exhaust myself in criticism and obsess over details. Bellydance is a discipline and an art.  It is a mind-body- soul practice. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Its takes some work, patience  and love to improve and while the essence of the movements are natural, (most women already have a foundation whether they know it or not), it is a skill that takes practice. But in learning how to move my clumsy muscles and bones  it has transformed and liberated me in ways nothing else has…

As I practiced my body waves I transmuted starvation and longing, and was able to welcome in nourishment and goodness

As I strengthened my ab muscles I suddenly felt strong in myself and able to say ‘no’ to people that drain my energy

As I shimmied my chest, I released the cages around my heart and allowed it to open to love again.

As I undulated my belly I became a peaceful waterfall amidst a stressful time.

As I snaked my arms around my body and in the space around me, I felt empowered to shed my skin, heal the past and renew myself.

As I tossed my hair I caught a glimpse of the spiritual nature of my sexuality.

As I framed my face, it helped me to see my face as a work of art worth framing.

As I bumped and shimmied my hips, I was shocked to discover a strong, grounded woman who kicks ass

As I whirled and twirled with my veil, I was free to be a whimsical child again who felt she could fly

As I practiced my floor-work I reclaimed the power of my primitive instincts as sensuous earth dweller, snake priestess, mermaid

As I labored through the birth of my daughter, it kept me connected to the strength in my womb and belly to give birth smoothly and powerfully

As I danced with my fellow dancers, I felt I belonged to a community, a sisterhood, even if we didn’t know each other that well

Every time I dance I discover new levels of myself and this passion propels me to continue. What is the essence of Bellydance? Why do I do it? For all the reasons above and so many more…

Even if in the mirror, to this day, I still see my elbows are too pointy, my hand placements need work, I’m poker faced, my shimmy sucks or I just can’t seem to coordinate my brain to my muscles. Its the practice of saying  ‘It’s ok.’  to myself that helps me grow as a dancer. I study with teachers to master technique, but to me, what makes me a bellydancer is my ability to hold the spirit of the ancestors, the women who danced before- and heed their whisperings-  “You are beautiful. You are enough. You are The Goddess.”

And that is why I bellydance. 🙂

*Seconds after posting this blog, my friend Kaleena Lawless posted this interesting article about bellydancers and body image– take a read!









Goddess Quiz: Are you a Maiden, Mother, Enchantress or Crone?



 We have amazing power at our disposal. But this power doesn’t come from conforming to just one part of us. Like the moon and the turning of the seasons, our feminine energy is cyclical and ever-changing. Our power stems from claiming the Goddess’ many aspects flowing through us.


Our feminine energy can be fiery and aggressive, soft and nurturing, spiritual and wise, analytical and adventurous, and so on. There are four main expressions of Feminine energy categorized as the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone. These four energies have distinct qualities and appear each in their turn, flowing from one to the next through the phases of our lives as time passes. They are also reflected in the phases of the moon, the turning seasons and during the approximate 28 days of our menstrual cycle. When we understand and harness these energies, we become empowered.


We have ALL these archetypes within each one of us, and can experience more than one at a time. But most of us have a tendency to express one archetype over another, or feel more comfortable in one aspect than another. Sometimes our current phase of life demands we express one energy more heavily.


For example between the approx age of 30-45 we are in the ‘Mother’ phase of life- and therefore busy nurturing our creative projects, business, home and/or family. If we naturally favor the Mother energy within our personality, we may feel right at home in this nurturing time of life, but there is a greater chance for imbalance. We may be more challenged when our children leave home or we enter the Crone phase of life and have to let go of our role in nurturing. If we have neglected to develop our Maiden, Enchantress or Crone energies, we may have no idea what our inner needs are, and how to express them. We may fear independence, and not have the courage or inner strength to do the things we want to do to make ourselves happy and fulfilled.


If we have overdeveloped our Maiden qualities of independence and ambition, and underdeveloped our Mother qualities, we may have a hard time feeling emotionally ‘rooted’, or close off from intimate relationships. If the Enchantress is lacking, we may feel afraid of our sexuality, creativity or change itself, and cling to familiar patterns of behavior.


This quiz will help you to identify and honor your natural strengths and identify your underdeveloped qualities, so you can strive for balance and feel the fullness of your feminine power.


The Quiz…


  1. What is your age?


a)      under 30

b)      30-45

c)      46-60

d)     61 +


  1. What season were you born in?


a)      Spring

b)      Summer

c)      Fall

d)     Winter


  1. What’s your favorite season?


a)      Spring

b)      Summer

c)      Fall

d)     Winter


  1. Pick the animal you resonate with most


a)      Horse

b)      Dove

c)      Snake

d)     Owl


  1. What is most important to you?


a)      Independence

b)      Family & Friends

c)      Creativity

d)     Spirituality


  1. What are you most likely to do at a party?


a)      Confidently meet new people

b)      Help the hostess take care of guests

c)      Have an interaction with someone that somehow transforms them or you

d)     Sit quietly observing until someone comes to share their secrets with you


  1. Pick the color you resonate with most:


a)      White

b)      Pink

c)      Red

d)     Black


  1. What style of clothing do you feel most ‘yourself’ in?


a)      Youthful/stylish/flirty or sporty- ready to go

b)      Flowing, sensual, natural fabric- warm and approachable

c)      Eye-catching, unique, mysterious- seductive and creative

d)     Dark colors, black, comfortable – Deep and wise


  1. Your biggest pitfall is:


a)      I get so involved with my outer life, I forget to sit still and reflect on my inner life

b)      I tend to take care of others’ needs at the expense of my own

c)      I can be over-dramatic and swing between extremes

d)     I get so introspective and reflective that I don’t involve myself in life with others enough


  1. What’s your favourite time of day?


a)      Morning

b)      Afternoon

c)      Evening

d)     Night


  1. How do you usually deal with a conflict with a friend?


a)      Use logic to argue my point and try to come to a logical agreement

b)      I hate conflict. I sometimes forgo my desires in order to be agreeable and preserve the relationship.

c)      I get very emotional, and often say things I regret. I see it as a test of this person’s friendship and/or cut ties with them.

d)     I look at the big picture as to whether it is worth arguing about. I let go of anything or anyone that is not worth it and feel maintain peace within myself.


12. Which element do you resonate with most?


a)      Air

b)      Fire

c)      Water

d)     Earth


Your answers for ‘a’ are Maiden, ‘b’ is Mother, ‘c’ is Enchantress and ‘d’ is Crone. Please add them up and see what your dominant and least dominant archetype(s) are.


*To delve more deeply into understanding these 4 main Goddess archetypes, and how to live in harmony with the moon and your menstrual cycle, please sign up for my Moon Goddess Wisdom Workshop!



a)      The Maiden:



Your youthful exuberance and zest for life are inspiring and productive. You aren’t afraid to go after what you want and get things done. Analytical, adventurous, confident and energetic, you are capable of standing up for yourself, meeting new people, initiating projects and taking up a challenge. You cherish your freedom and independence, and your ambition is strong. The Maiden corresponds with springtime and the energy of new beginnings. Use this phase of life (youth) and your cycle to initiate new projects, go on an adventure, try something new, embark on a new health routine, get out with friends and meet new people, organize your life to meet new goals, do physical activities or anything requiring courage, energy, logic, or emotional detachment. If this archetype is dominant in your personality, you may have a hard time with intimate relationships, be insensitive to others’ feelings and lack a fulfilling inner life. Take time out from the bustle to reflect, imagine, and feel the depths of your heart and soul. Practice compassion and empathy. Remember there is a need for darkness to balance the light. If this archetype is lacking, try to find things that inspire you, spend more time with young people and remember that the spirit of adventure and innocence can give you fresh perspective. Find a cause to fight for. Be more independent. Stand up for what you believe in. Dare to take action on your dreams! The Maiden phase of the menstrual cycle is approx day 7-14. (Right after your bleeding has ended). The Maiden’s gifts will be at your disposal during this time. Where does this archetype find expression in your life?


b)      The Mother:


Mother Goddess

You are sensitive, nurturing, empathic and giving. You are tuned into your environment and family, friends and loved ones are of utmost importance to you. You need to take care of something (a pet, plants, or person) to feel complete. The Mother is also a very creative, fertile and productive archetype. She nurtures and maintains her creations- whether it be her children, business, creative project or home. She gives birth to her passions and sustains life. You enjoy life’s sensual pleasures, and sharing your bounty with the world around you. The Mother phase corresponds to the full moon, ovulation, and summertime. It is a time for connecting with the community, sharing your abilities, nurturing a cause or project and building relationships. Did you leave on bad terms with someone? Use the ovulation phase of your cycle to re-connect and smooth things over. You are attractive and approachable now and can use this to heal rifts. If this archetype is dominant in your personality, you may find you live for your relationships and cannot detach to tune into your own needs and wants. You may find it difficult to stand up for yourself or have the courage to ‘be different’ and go your own way. You may resist cutting ties from unhealthy people or situations that drain your energy. You may become a ‘smother mother’ and damage the lives of those you care so much about by not letting them be free. If you are lacking in the Mother energy, find something that you care about and wish to nurture. Reflect on your relationship with your own mother, and heal those wounds. Practice listening from your heart and empathizing with others’ feelings.  Share your abundance with others. See the child in someone. The Mother phase of life is approx age 30-45, and corresponds to approx day 14-21 of your cycle. How does this archetype express itself in your life?


c)      The Enchantress



You are aware of the undercurrents of life and can read between the lines of what people say and do. Sensitive and emotional, you react to your environment strongly and are not afraid to express what you really feel even if it will make you unpopular. You dance on the dynamic play between light and dark, and thrive on change and transformation. Creative and expressive, you require outlets for your bursts of creative energy, and need time alone to process your experience and care for your inner needs. Like the snake, you continuously shed your skin and are aware of the potency of sexual energy for personal growth and change. The Enchantress corresponds to the fall season, a time of transition and letting go of anything we no longer need to take with us into the winter. Her wisdom is in understanding that clearing, cleansing and change are necessary to align her outer life with the needs of her inner life, for the good of her soul and emotional balance. The Enchantress phase of life corresponds to the ‘Mid life crisis’, and menopause (anytime around age 45-60)  a time of evaluating if the life we have built is in line with our authentic self, and we make the necessary, often difficult adjustments. It also corresponds to the PMS phase of our menstrual cycle where we have the opportunity to do the same. It requires patience with ourselves and time alone to get in touch with our inner needs. The pitfalls of an over-developed Enchantress personality is over-reacting, cutting ties with people unnecessarily and changing things just for the sake of it or out of frustration. You may swing between emotional extremes and have a difficult time maintaining harmonious relationships. Discernment, patience and self-care can help the process of change. Having safe outlets for your powerful feelings is a must. If you are lacking in this archetype, experiment with reflecting on your life and what it is that is no longer working for you that you wish to change. Deep clean a messy area of your home. Take up a creative hobby. Explore your sexual desires. The Enchantress corresponds to day 21-28 of your cycle. Do you experience PMS symptoms? How does this archetype express itself in your life?


d)     The Crone:



The Crone’s signature is wisdom.  You are introspective, reflective, very ‘yin’, and spiritually attuned. As a Crone you have much faith and awareness of the big picture, so can easily assess what is essential and what is not. You trust your experience and have gleaned the pearls of wisdom in your lessons, mistakes and choices. Taking pleasure in the ‘little things’, and simple pleasure of life, you appreciate the value of being alive and feel grateful. Like the owl, you notice and observe your environment with keen awareness, stillness, and patience, and carry an aura of inner peace and depth. You thrive at nighttime, when everything is quiet, and enjoy the darkness. Others often come to you with their problems seeking advice and counsel. You can be a bit of a homebody and enjoy spending time alone, sometimes finding it hard to get out and socialise. Psychically sensitive, you feel connected to the ancient ones, ancestors and unseen spirits. Oftentimes the pull of the Spirit world makes you forget to keep your mind on the present mundane matters of the world. However you are also able to be spiritually grounded, in touch with the divine flowing through the physical plane. You have prophetic and intuitive gifts. A woman with dominant Crone personality may isolate herself too much, or become disconnected from reality. She may rely on her own experience too much rather than having a balanced view that can only be gleaned from connection with others and the outside world. She may have a tendency to get stuck in her ways, and need to branch out of her comfort zone and engage with the moving flow of the times through social interaction and adventure. Spend more time with youth, boldly venture out to a social gathering and meet new people, get excited about something and plan a course of action. If the Crone is an underdeveloped archetype for you, set aside more quiet alone time. Sit in nature and allow your energy to slow down and harmonise with the earth. Reflect on your spiritual beliefs and cultivate a daily practice for inner peace.  The Crone corresponds to our Bleeding time- Approx. Days 1-7 in our cycle. This is the time for ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’. Reflect on your life and notice what’s most important to you. Slow down, dream, rest, renew. Out of the stillness and darkness of the Crone, we are renewed and re-birthed into the Maiden phase of light. How does this archetype manifest in your life?

May you be blessed with the balanced power of the Goddess in all her faces!

To delve more deeply into understanding these 4 main Goddess archetypes and tips for living in harmony with the moon and your menstrual cycle, please read Miranda Gray’s book ‘Red Moon’ or ‘The Optimised Woman’. Or join me for my Moon Goddess Wisdom Workshop!
















Coming Home to Yourself: Womb Wisdom and Your Moon Sign

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Women hold the power of the Moon inside them. Like the moon, our energy and emotions wax and wane through a monthly cycle, reminding us that life’s natural course is a fluid and cyclical affair, not a linear one, as we may be conditioned to believe.   moon goddess red hair

Womb Wisdom reminds us to ‘come home’ by nurturing our emotional, cyclical, creative, intuitive, sensual and instinctive self. Then we can find creative, healthy ways to live in alignment with all aspects of our being and carry out our duties without feeling drained of energy.

 Each of us has a unique style in which our Womb Wisdom (Or if you prefer, ‘Moon Wisdom’) communicates and unique needs that must be in place for us to hear the promptings of our intuition and creative impulses. The physical womb and pelvic bowl is the seat of our desires, emotions, ‘gut instincts’, and nurturing. In astrology, it  corresponds to our astrological moon sign, phase and placement, and can give us clues to the unique style in which our feminine wisdom expresses itself. The moon changes signs about every 2 ½ days. Where it was at the moment of your birth, and its relationship to the other bodies in the sky strongly influences who you are and how you operate.

The moon influences our emotional nature, how we handle cycles, how we experience ‘the feminine’, our relationship with our mother, our health, instincts, how we feel nourished, childhood experiences, past-life experiences and basically what ‘home’ feels like for us. It’s a powerful influence on our personality, and for women, an indicator of her overall Womb Wisdom style, feminine gifts, emotional roadblocks and emotional growth path. The Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes (another subject for my next blog!) live within all women, and manifest through all the signs. But our moon sign is personal to each individual woman, and influences us for life. It is our Goddess-given gift and path of emotional karma.

You can find out your moon sign by visiting this site and plugging in your birth data. It is important to know your birth time as accurately as possible. The moon sign is very important but still only a portion of the full picture of your moon wisdom found in the birthchart. The moon phase, house and aspects to the other planets also must be considered

I have been observing and working with the moon and her cycles for over 15 years. I have also spent those years studying astrology in depth and have certified in levels 1 & 2 with CAAE.

 Here is a taste of Womb Wisdom through the moon signs:

 Moon in Aries- The Warrior Woman:  

Aries Fire Goddess

 Your home element is Fire. Like fire, your creative instincts are warm, hot, direct, active, dynamic and bold. You feel nourished by challenges and situations that call for quick, decisive action and physical prowess. Your womb wisdom has a Zen-like nature. She thrives on stimulation but despises melodrama. You nurture in a pioneering, independent way, inspiring strength and confidence in your colleagues, family and friends. When not heeding your Womb Wisdom, emotions of frustration, irritability, anger and impatience may call you to recognise your need to spend some time by yourself, release pent-up energy into a physical activity, tackle a new challenge, forge a new path, or fight for a cause. Nurture your fiery soul with candlelight, warm colors and sunshine. Your gift is your ability to be true to yourself and self-reliance. Nourish the Warrior Woman within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Herself.


Moon in Taurus- The Earth Mother  taurus goddess

 Your home element is Earth. Like earth, you possess the ability to sustain and nurture life through patience, constancy, and physical pleasure. Your instincts are sensual, slow, and steady. You feel at home in familiar surroundings, with a certain amount of predictability and routine. You feel nourished by singing, music, physical touch and food. You help others feel safe, secure and physically comforted. Your womb wisdom has a particular rhythm, and that rhythm must be followed. Changes in life must be made slowly, one step at a time. Otherwise, emotions of fear, stubborn resistance, tenacious clinging mundane patterns or emotional eating can result. You enjoy the outdoors have a gift for cooking, growing things, and working with your hands. Nurture your earthy soul with plants, herbs, flowers and crystals. Nourish The Earth Mother within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Rhythms.


Moon in Gemini- The Butterfly Maiden    

Gemini goddesses

 Your home element is Air. Like air, you crave movement, change and interaction. Your instincts are curious, witty, and expressive. You feel nourished by learning new things, absorbing new facts and experiences and sharing what you know with others. You nurture the curious child in your family, friends and colleagues, bringing lightness, flexibility and new ideas to others. Your womb wisdom craves communication. Any form of self-expression such as writing, dance, art, teaching, speaking or conversation with a friend is a great way to bring Her into balance. Take time to read, listen and receive new input. When out of balance the reactions that arise may be anxiety, nervousness, impatience, incessant talking or over-rationalising. Your gift is communication. Nurture your airy soul with deep breaths of fresh air, natural incense, or collecting bird feathers. Nourish the Butterfly Maiden within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Voice.


Moon in Cancer- The Moon Goddess   cancer goddess

 Your home element is Water. Like the water, your feelings ebb and flow, and you crave a sacred space of your own in which you can retreat when the outer world becomes too much for you. Your feminine instincts are maternal, empathic, compassionate and fluid. You feel nourished by a serene and secure home base, family, and nostalgic reminders of your past. You help your loved ones and colleagues feel genuinely cared for and emotionally comforted. Your womb is sensitive to the emotions of others and the cycles of the Moon. Investigate your past lives and heal your childhood wounds, for you carry many gifts from your emotional experiences. When not heeding your womb wisdom, you will over-react to everything, turn to emotional eating for comfort or manipulate others through childish tactics. Nurture your watery soul with frequent baths and spending time in or near water. Nourish the Moon Goddess within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Feelings.


Moon in Leo- The Queen   

leo goddess

 Your home element is Fire. Like fire, your instincts are bright, warm, playful, and dynamic. Your womb has a flair for drama and you add color and vibrancy to everything and everyone you touch, putting your unique stamp on things. You nurture others by radiating warmth and confidence, inspiring the playful child in your friends, family and colleagues. You feel nourished by stories, art, drama and beauty. Your womb is highly creative- you need to express yourself and the freedom to play. As a Royal Lioness, you must have your own ‘domain’ to nurture and be in charge of for you gifted as a natural leader. When not heeding your womb wisdom, you can become dominating, attention-seeking, insecure and melodramatic.  Nurture your fiery soul with candlelight, warm colors and sunshine. Nourish The Queen within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Radiance.


Moon in Virgo – The Medicine Woman  

virgo goddess

 Your home element is Earth. Like earth, your instincts are receptive, methodical, health-conscious, and sensual. You nurture those around you by patiently caring for the ‘little things’ that make a big difference. A dependable problem-solver, others often seek you out for help. Your womb wisdom has an intuitive understanding of the mechanics and functioning of things. You are blessed with natural healing abilities and adept skilfulness in everything you attempt to do. You are nourished by learning new skills, being of service, working on an ‘improvement’ project, healthy food, spending time with animals and taking care of your body. When not heeding your Womb wisdom, you can become myopic with details, fretful, nervous, and perfectionistic. Nurture your earthy soul with plants, herbs, flowers and crystals. Nourish the Medicine Woman within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Growth.


Moon in Libra- The Love Goddess  

libra goddess

 Your home element is Air. Like the air, you crave flow, movement, lightness and interaction.Your instincts are relationship-oriented, craving balance and harmony with your surroundings. You are nourished and deeply touched by beauty, art, music, romance and love stories. You have artistic gifts and a natural ability to bring people together. Your loved ones are nourished by your openness, kindness and sensitivity to what they need and when. Your womb is acutely aware of her surroundings and tuned to a frequency of harmony that you strive to recreate around you. You need to stay surrounded by positive people and calming environments to feel balanced. When not heeding your womb wisdom, you may fluctuate between emotional extremes, live vicariously through others, or repress your true feelings in order to not ‘rock the boat’. Nurture your airy soul with deep breaths of fresh air, natural incense, or collecting bird feathers. Nourish the Love Goddess within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Inner Balance.


Moon in Scorpio- The Shamaness  

scorpio goddess

Your home element is Water. Like the water, your feelings run deep and intense in order to cleanse and renew you. Cycles of death and rebirth feature prominently in your life, for your womb center desires cathartic emotional experiences that transform you completely. You are nourished by uncovering mysteries, challenges and surrendering to a power greater than your own. You help others feel at ease in crisis situations with your quiet strength, and ‘I’ve been there’ empathy. You are gifted with healing abilities, passion and magnetism. Your sexuality is often a path of emotional growth and spirituality. You need to forge intimate bonds, uncover secrets, continually transform and have a creative outlet for your feelings. When not heeding your womb wisdom you may find yourself creating unnecessary drama, becoming obsessive, controlling or self-sabotaging. Nurture your watery soul with frequent baths and spending time in or near water. Nourish The Shamaness within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Passion.


Moon in Sagittarius- The Priestess  sagittarius goddess

 Your home element is Fire. Like fire your instincts are warm, enthusiastic, explorative, and playful. You crave freedom and an expansive awareness of the world. Drawn to the exotic and foreign, your womb thirsts for new perspectives and experiences that glean a ‘teaching’ or new pearls of wisdom for living. You are nourished by travel, foreign studies, being out in the wild, myths and philosophy. You nurture others with your generosity of spirit, joviality and sense of humour. You carry the gift of teaching and need to satisfy your desires for adventure and learning. You tend to feel most at home when you are on your way to somewhere else. Home is in the journey itself. When not heeding your womb needs, you may become restless, pompous, tactless and irresponsible.  Nurture your fiery soul with candlelight, warm colors and sunshine. Nourish The Priestess within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Wisdom.


Moon in Capricorn- The Wise Woman  

capricorn goddess

 Your home element is Earth. Like the earth you are a stable, grounding, solid presence. Your instincts are to build and create supportive structures that nourish yourself and others. You crave making your mark on this world- for you hold the gift of Manifestation. Unafraid of hard work, you manifest your visions resourcefully and patiently. You nurture others in practical ways, helping them to feel secure and loved for the long term. Aware of the darker aspects of human nature, you use sarcastic wit and realism to rise above it. You feel nourished by knowing your limitations, knowing what’s expected of you, accomplishment and purposeful work. You are deeply sensitive and sensual but only show your soft side to those who really matter to you. When not heeding your womb wisdom you may become controlling, depressed, fearful or insecure. Nurture your earthy soul with plants, herbs, flowers and crystals. Nurture The Wise Woman within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Strength.


Moon in Aquarius- The Future Woman  

aquarius goddess

 Your home element is Air. Like air, you crave freedom, movement, communication and change. Your instincts are progressive, inventive and community-oriented. You carry the dreams of the future and must manifest your visions for humanity. Your offbeat nature requires some alone time for reflection and inspiration. Then you can come back to nurture the community with your new ideas and plans for making a better future for everyone. You attract many friends with your sisterly warmth, tolerance and unique individuality. You need to nurture a cause, be in community, learn new things and be stimulated with change. Movement and exercise are helpful. If you do not heed your womb wisdom you may become restless, over-idealistic, lonely, or emotionally detached. Nurture your airy spirit with deep breaths of fresh air, natural incense, and bird feathers. Nourish The Future Woman within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Dreams.  


Moon in Pisces- The Mystic  

pisces goddess

 Your home element is Water. Like water, you are affected by the ripples of emotions around you and easily ‘go with the flow’. Your instincts are empathic, dreamy, gentle and compassionate. You easily pick up on the feelings of others and my not be able to separate them from your own. You carry a blissful memory of Oneness that exists between mother and child in the womb, and in Spirit. You strive to transcend the boundaries and limitations of the material world.  A natural shapeshifter, you are able to blend in with your surroundings or take on a different personality as the situation requires. You nurture others with your devoted, compassionate energy and by being a soft shoulder to cry on. You carry artistic and musical gifts which also nurture the spirits of those around you. You need to nourish yourself with peaceful, calm environments, music, spiritual practice, and time to daydream. If you do not heed your womb wisdom you may feel overwhelmed, melancholy, escapist or manipulative. Nurture your watery spirit with frequent baths and spending time in or near water. Nourish The Mystic within by reclaiming your feminine power as She Who Honours Her Spirit.


You may find more than one description resonates with you. Keep in mind the moon sign is specific to your sense of feeling ‘at home’, your instinctive needs that help your intuition become stronger.  Also, keep in mind that the astrological house and planetary aspects will influence the moon as well, which may share some things in common with other signs.

 May you nurture the Goddess within and may Her gifts and beauty grow with you for lifetimes to come. xo Serena