Invitation to the Wildish Womb…

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Sacred Spiral

Once the coolness of  fall sets in, and we get into our busy work and school groove, it can be hard to remember to enjoy the natural beauty and energy of the Earth as we did in the summer.  We begin to draw inward, and stay indoors more. I have been less tempted to sit outside with a cup of tea or walk barefoot on the grass. I miss the beach and the sensuality of swimming, sunbathing. But “Its too cold now” I say…”the air is full of pollution and pollen…and I have too much work to do”. So I retreat to my office, or my couch or run errands. But then, my womb reminds me, loudly, honestly, she says…

“Let’s dance! Lets sit under the trees! Let’s sing and create and make love! Let’s look up at the stars and the moon and breathe the magic of the night air!’ (No matter how polluted). Sometimes my womb just wants me to sleep. Dream. Do nothing. Sometimes she wants to connect, play and socialise with others. Other times she just wants to swat people with her paws to go away. Its easy to put off the call of our wildish womb instincts in this busy urban setting. So many structured demands on our time and energy. So much of the wrong kind of stimulation. Expectations to be productive all the time. Light and happy all the time. Nice all the time. Strong all the time. Busy allllll the time.It can feel lonely. But I know I am not alone. Men and women both feel these pressures that inhibit our wild, intuitive, sensual nature.

So my womb reminds me, in her sweet voice…

“Remember dearest woman, that you are never alone. You are part of a far reaching lineage of strong women and sisters all over the world- keepers of the blood mysteries- reminding you that birth, life, death and rebirth are your sacred rites of renewal and growth. Celebrate the beauty of your natural rhythms- ovulation and menstruation, birthing and shedding, beginnings and endings, lightness and darkness, giving and receiving. All part of your sacred unfolding: the continuous re-birthing of yourself and deepening wisdom on this journey of life.

In this age of ignorance, oppression and over-use of technology, you are a guiding light reminding us that we are not only beings of the civilised world but creatures of the wild- dancing in harmony with the patterns of nature in a sacred spiral of becoming.

When we shed our layers of armor, shame and self-doubt, a beautifully wild self emerges and its power becomes palpable. Here we can discover a deep self-love and connection to the greater whole.

Place your hands upon me and feel the energy stirring within…the heartbeat of the earth, the soothing ocean waves, the luminous moon. I am the seat of creation. I am the wild goddess within you- ready to be danced, howled, laughed, loved, silently embraced or simply dropped into. I await patiently, lovingly, for your return to me.”

So I am now going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn day, follow my wildish instincts and move toward what feels good, inspiring and nourishing… and later perhaps I will howl at the new moon.  You are invited to do the same 🙂 Happy Equinox and New moon!



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