Invitation to the Wildish Womb…

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Sacred Spiral


On those days I feel alone my womb reminds me, in her sweet voice…

“Remember dearest woman, that you are never alone. You are part of a far reaching lineage of strong women and sisters all over the world- keepers of the blood mysteries- reminding you that birth, life, death and rebirth are your sacred rites of renewal and growth. Celebrate the beauty of your natural rhythms- ovulation and menstruation, birthing and shedding, beginnings and endings, lightness and darkness, giving and receiving. All part of your sacred unfolding: the continuous re-birthing of yourself and deepening wisdom on this journey of life.

In this age of ignorance, oppression and over-use of technology, you are a guiding light reminding us that we are not only beings of the civilised world but creatures of the wild- dancing in harmony with the patterns of nature in a sacred spiral of becoming.

When we shed our layers of armor, shame and self-doubt, a beautifully wild self emerges and its power becomes palpable. Here we can discover a deep self-love and connection to the greater whole.

Place your hands upon me and feel the energy stirring within…the heartbeat of the earth, the soothing ocean waves, the luminous moon. I am the seat of creation. I am the wild goddess within you- ready to be danced, howled, laughed, loved, silently embraced or simply dropped into. I await patiently, lovingly, for your return to me.”

So I am now going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn day, follow my wildish instincts and move toward what feels good, inspiring and nourishing… and later perhaps I will howl at the new moon.  You are invited to do the same 🙂 Happy Equinox and New moon!



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