Goddess Circles

Red MoonSeasonal celebration circles

Created and facilitated by Serena

Longing for community? Looking for a safe space to share, feel supported and co-create magic with other like-minded souls? Come and join us at the Solstices and Equinoxes to experience the healing power of a Goddess Circle. You may also wish to experience a Sacred Feminine Workshop to further explore your divine feminine nature.

solstice sistersGoddess Circles celebrate the time of year, and discuss the corresponding mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes within us and around us that the Earth invites us to get in touch with at this time. The intent is to harmonise our awareness with our cyclical nature reflected by the cycles of the Earth and the Moon. Explore the energies of the Maiden (aka Independent Trailblazer), Mother (aka Life Giver), Enchantress (aka Creative Destructix) and Crone (aka Wise One) that reside within us through guided journeys, meditation, body awareness, ritual, play, feasting and celebration. You do not need to have a menstrual cycle or womb to attend. We embrace a diversity of experience and identity, all are welcome who resonate with the teachings and descriptions. I will strive to use safe, inclusive language for attendees. This is a safe and sacred space to be with our authentic emotions, bond with others, and create transformation and healing in our lives. It is the ultimate act of self-care and self-nurturing!

All welcome. PWYC donation. Space is limited. Please RSVP Serena to save your spot: serena.l.oakley@gmail.com

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Join us for our next circle:

Tuesday December 20th @7:30-10:30pm

Winter Solstice Circle: Honoring the Crone Within

crone-owl-goddessThis phase of the year corresponds to the ‘shedding and renewal’ phase of the menstrual/creative cycle, the Crone or elder phase of life (passing our wisdom onto others), and the Darkening/New moon phase of the lunar cycle. (The place between old and new).
Here we are awaiting our rebirth in the spring and turn to our dreams, hopes and visions for inspiration to carry us through the darkness of winter. We process the lessons and learning of the previous year to make new choices for the year ahead.
We will discuss the Crone Goddess’ energy and how she appears in our lives, and share a few stories of Her in myths and legends, and personal stories about our grandmothers or other elders we know and respect in life. We will go on an inner journey to meet the Crone as she appears to us either through a guided meditation or a personally led journey (depending on the group) and record her messages for us through free-drawing and writing. Feasting and merriment to follow!

What to bring:

-Be cozy! I have blankets and a few yoga mats, some yoga bolsters but feel free to bring a pillow or slippers or anything else you need to feel comfy.
– Journal or paper and a pen
-Food or drink item to share with the group (please notify me of allergies, dietary restrictions)
-Items for the altar to enhance the energy: photo of a Crone, object representing this time of year or the Crone energy, etc
-Drum or rattle or other music maker (if you wish)
-Readiness to be present in safe, sacred and respectful space.

*I will provide drawing paper and pencil crayons/markers

* I am looking into collecting donations for a cause, any ideas?

Begin to ponder and reflect:

– Who do I respect as an’ elder’ in my life? Why?
– What dreams do I carry inside for the new year?
-How do I nurture a sense of awe and mystery in the universe?
-What am I learning from the experiences of this past year? How can I carry on with new wisdom into 2017?
-How do I normally relate to ‘darkness’ in general? to death? menstruation? winter? the dark moon phase? waiting?

Address: Given upon emailing me to confirm your spot. (Sherbrooke st and Denure st) Peterborough, ON. Street parking. We start on time to respect the flow of the evening. Please notify me asap if you are running late or cannot make it. Young women age 12 and over welcome.


Friday, June 17th 2016 @7:30pm-10:30pm

Summer Solstice Circle: Feeding our Creative Fire

creative fire goddessAs we enter the season of summer, we welcome the energies of the Great Mother. The Earth is in full bloom, sharing Her abundance and life-giving love, beauty and bounty with us. Our task is to open ourselves to receiving this abundance and allow it to fuel our inner fire- our Spirit, Soul, Home, Divine Spark, Creative Cauldron within. The Mother/Life Giver archetype within us is the nurturer and creatrix. She can become depleted as we nurture our work, loved ones, causes and projects in the world. When we first feed and nurture ourselves, we can then nurture others and share our special gifts with the world. Stressful events, the daily tasks of living, illness and many other things can dampen our fire. The intention of this circle is to ‘re-fuel’ our inner fire and re-align with our creative essence through guided meditation, womb-wisdom teachings, crafting, feasting and sharing in a safe and sacred space with other women. We will be exploring the Mother/Life Giver archetype in her aspects of nurturer and creatrix and discover what She is asking us to manifest and create for ourselves or others at this time. We will craft our own ‘Sun-Catchers’ from beads, shells, sticks and pieces from nature as a healing piece of art. Weather permitting we will spend some time outside in communion with the Earth Mother Herself.

No arts/crafting talent necessary! This is simple and for fun. All supplies provided, however if you have colorful beads or elements you would like to bring for your sun-catcher, please feel free! (The sun-catcher is a bit like a mobile you can hang in your window). *Teens accompanied by an adult are welcome to this event.

Please Bring:

-PWYC $5-$25

-Vegetarian food or drink item to share

-Willingness to be present in sacred and non-judgemental space

-option journal & pen for writing down notes from guided meditation

Questions for Reflection:

-Where is the fiery, life-force energy in my life? How is it manifesting?

-How will I (or how do I) feed my creative fire? What is its fuel?

– How am I a ‘mother’ or ‘Life Giver’? How do I nurture, sustain and protect my creations?

-How do I nurture myself? Do I allow myself to receive care from others? Am I able to care for  myself or do I always look outside of me for sustenance?




Tree goddess  Friday, March 18th 2016 @7pm-10pm

  Spring Equinox Circle: Rebirth!

Welcome to the season of clearing the old and welcoming the new! The Crone/Wise One of winter has put us through experiences to show us what needs to pass from our life and points us to the path of new growth and action. Here at the cusp of spring, we meet the Goddess reborn as Maiden/Independent Trailblazer- Goddess of vitality, enthusiasm, inspiration and new beginnings. The Maiden/Independent Trailblazer is a brave warrior and an independent free-spirit who trusts their instincts and belongs to themselves. In this circle we will discover the wisdom we received from the darkness of winter and honor the Maiden within us emerging into spring.

Join us in a cozy, intimate space for a guided meditation journey to meet our inner Maiden, followed by a dance of rebirth (free movement, no expectations!), egg painting, story sharing, feasting and community!


Please Bring:

-PWYC $5-$25

-Vegetarian food item or drink to share with the group

The following items I will have a few for borrow, but not enough for everyone, so if you have:

-Blanket, veil or scarf that covers your body

-Yoga mat

-Journal/paper and pen

All other materials will be provided.

Questions for reflection:

– What wisdom am I bringing with me from the darkness of winter?

-Who am I becoming?

-What am I awakening within myself?

-Whats the next step towards manifesting my goals?


Friday, December 18th @7pm-10pm

Winter Solstice Celebration: Awakening our Inner Wise One

solstice crone image  As the days grow dark and the cold sets in, we must turn inward to find our hope, faith, strength and dreams to carry us through the winter months. As we come to the Solstice we celebrate the light within, our spiritual wisdom that is created, held and cultivated by our inner Wise One. No matter your age, you have wisdom in your bones that came from the experiences of your past, your ancestors and your intuition. You hold the ability to get through tough times by cultivating this flame of your inner light- the spirit of the Wise One within.

Join us for this cozy, soul-warming circle, a safe space to dream, tap into your intuition, discover what message  your inner Wise One has for you and what dreams are waiting to be birthed in the months to come. Share your story or simply listen to others’. In circle we support each other,  weaving inspiration, magic and co-creating with one another.

We will discuss the archetype of the Wise One/Crone/Hag/Grandmother and her corresponding phase of the dark moon, winter and menstruation and briefly discuss the historical significance of the Winter Solstice. We will then go on a guided meditation journey to the Wise One within, do some intuitive drawing and writing (no talent necessary!), share pearls of wisdom with each other, read oracle cards (no experience required! just an open mind and heart) feast and play as we embrace the night and welcome the light in the spirit of community!  

Some Questions for reflection:

-What am I visioning and hoping for?

-What dreams do I carry inside?

-How do I keep my faith alive?

-What is my relationship to the Crone or Wise One archetype in my life? Grandmothers, Teachers/mentors, the elderly and how does this affect my  relationship with my inner wisdom?

What to bring:

-PWYC $10-$25

-Vegetarian food or drink item to share

-Paper or journal & pen

-Optional: your fave tarot or oracle deck, fave cushion or blanket to sit on. (I will provide these as well).


Friday, March 20th @7pm- The Maiden Emerges!

This is a special circle, as it is both the Spring Equinox and a Solar Eclipse. It is a high-energy time for rebirth and renewal! Spring has a dynamic energy, as all the lessons and experiences gleaned from the Crone during the winter season are now ready to be applied and manifested in our lives in a concrete way. This process can be sometimes challenging, stressful and/or liberating and invigorating, depending on our circumstances. It usually heralds a desire to clear out the old clutter and begin new and exciting projects, habits and changes. The Maiden energy awakens new vitality, drive, ambition, confidence, self-appreciation, self-activation, and a more outward focus on creating the life we envision for ourselves. We can celebrate the energy of youth and our inner child at this time. During our circle, we will do a guided journey to transform our Crone wisdom into Maiden action, followed by a physical movement ritual of birthing ourselves anew. Then we will decorate a spring egg for ourselves, dance playfully, share some stories and feast our way into spring!

Please Bring:

-Vegetarian food or drink item to share with the group


-A shawl, blanket or veil large enough to cover your body. (I can also provide this if you do not have one)


-Journal & pen

-Altar item representing spring, renewal, rebirth, the Maiden, youth, playfulness

Questions for reflection:

-What wisdom am I bringing with me from the dark of winter?

-Who am I becoming?

-What am I awakening within myself?



Friday, Dec 19th @ 7pm- Dreaming in the Dark

We are now entering the season of The Crone- the Wise Woman, Grandmother, Web-Weaver of fate, karma, mystery and dreams. She is our guiding light in the darkness, the wisdom we have gained from experience, past lives, ancestral lineage, the voice of our intuition and inner authority.

As the days grow colder and darker, The Crone beckons us to drop-in to our depths and rest in her dark womb to reflect, release, accept our limitations and dream new ways of being, creating and living in the world when we re-emerge into light. This Red Moon Circle is not during the full moon, but the waning moon and close to the Winter Solstice- the darkest point of the year during the dark time of the moon.  It will be a cozy, warm and intimate gathering to nourish our souls and warm our spirits with new awareness, inspiration and the simplicity of ‘just being’ with other like-minded women. We will discuss The Crone archetype and her corresponding phase of menstruation- ways of making our bleeding time sacred and tapping into our intuitive wisdom. I will drum and rattle to guide you on an inner journey, after which you can draw or write insights. Then we will go into partners and do oracle/tarot readings for each other, followed by feasting and merriment! -You do not need any exprience in reading cards, we are relying on intuition and I will be there as well to help. Decks provided.

Please Bring:

-Vegetarian food or drink item to share with group

-PWYC – any donation appreciated

-Optional- altar item, pen & journal, cozy blanket or pillow , your own favourite oracle/tarot deck

*I will provide paper, colouring pencils/markers, a few pens, several oracle and tarot decks. I will have several yoga mats and blankets, a few pillows.

Friday, Oct 10th 2014 @7pm- The Magic of the Enchantress

As we dive into the transition of fall, we meet with the creative, transformational, magickal energies of The Enchantress. Here we meet the dark Goddess of cutting ties, shedding masks and pretense, the sexual and intuitive one aligned with her deepest need who honors her power as transformer and witch. This is a time of reaping what we’ve sown- so we will honor the lessons learned, gifts received and also hold space for pain, sorrow and challenges we may be facing as part of the sacred cycle of death and rebirth. This season corresponds to the pre-menstrual phase of our cycle. A time that can be tumultuous & stressful, or empowering & transformational, depending on how we use the energies. We will discuss practical ways of channeling and nourishing The Enchantress, dealing with PMS, creating changes that support our inner needs and do a cauldron ritual of letting go and gratitude. Feasting, play and merriment to follow!

What to bring:

-Journal & pen

-Food or drink to share with the group (vegetarian please)

-PWYC $10-$25

-Readiness to be in sacred and non-judgemental space

Questions for Reflection:

-What emotions have I been feeling lately?

-What is my body telling me?

-What changes do I feel I need to make?

-What debris could I release/let go of/clear out that I will no longer need through the winter?

– What am I harvesting? What gifts or lessons have I reaped from the past year?

-How can I apply those gifts and lessons to my current situation?


Solstice Celebration- The Mother Creatrix

Fri. June 20th @7pm

As the Sun energy reaches its peak this solstice, we are in a high-powered time. This marks the beginning of the yearly phase of The Mother archetype, which extends over the course of summer. The Mother is abundant, full of life, love, joy, vitality, nurturing, protective, physically and emotionally sustaining and highly creative. She shines her light and bestows her blessings upon us if we are receptive.  Most of humanity is wounded and carrying a deep need for mending the Mother archetype within themselves. We live in a world that does not adequately support mothers, and places unrealistic expectations and pressure on women to be biological mothers and meet impossible ideals. The raping of Mother Earth is another example in which humanity has lost its connection to our physical source of sustenance and vitality. We all need to be kind and gentle with ourselves, with each other, learn to respond to our inner needs, and develop a relationship with Mother Earth in order to mend our relationship with this important archetype.

In this particular circle, we will bring our attention to The Creatrix aspect of the Mother. We are all cauldrons of creativity. In our bellies we hold dreams, visions, desires and ‘babies’- creative or literal- to be born in this world. We are meant to manifest our energy- in ways that sustain, nurture, and bring enjoyment to ourselves and others. We will do a guided meditation journey to discover The Creatrix within, and share our insights. We will then have some fun with some intuitive creating – and share how we each ‘shine’ as a Creatrix in our own unique ways.  Weather permitting, we will go outside and throw some wishes/prayers/blessings  into a bonfire, and feast and celebrate in the medicine of sisterhood.

What to Bring:

-PWYC $10-$20

-vegetarian food item to share

-optional altar item that represents ‘The Mother’ to you

-Readiness to be present in safe & sacred space

Questions for reflection:

-Where is the fiery, life-force energy in my life? How is it manifesting?

-How will I (or how do I) feed my creative fire? What is its fuel?

– How am I a ‘mother’? How do I nurture, sustain and protect my creations?

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‘Sacred Pleasure’ Feb 7th.

As a Valentine’s baby, I feel it is my birthright to reclaim Sacred Pleasure in a society that represses and inhibits our natural instincts towards pleasure, celebrating the body, sensuality and sexuality. Religious beliefs often polarise Spirit and Flesh- equating the body (and women) with evil.  From a healing perspective, the spirit and body are integrated and function best when balanced and celebrated as a whole. As a woman living with endometriosis (a chronic pelvic-pain condition), my healing path has been about no longer internalising guilt or shame in making myself feel good, and following my instincts and desires with self-love and awareness. Spirit manifests through our bodies. To do what makes us feel good is a sacred act. It is a way of bringing Spirit to Earth.

“Our sensuality is the worldly agent for our soul. It is through our physical bodies we are privy to our most tactile truths- what feels good, expansive and right and what feels contracting, limiting and wrong. It’s through our bodies we know truth. It’s through our bodies we know love. It’s through our bodies we express who we are. Our sense-ability is precisely what gives us access to the intricate layers of our soul.”

 -Lone Morch, Lolo’s Boudoir

In that vein, our ‘Sacred Pleasure’ Circle will include:  Meditation, movement, bellydancing and massage (clothes on). I will also have some chocolate wine, and chocolate-covered strawberries as edible delights! We will honor the Goddesses: Aphrodite, Freya, Hathor, and Bast as Goddesses of pleasure, delight and sensuality. Get ready for a mid-winter evening of much needed warmth, self-care and enjoyment! 🙂
I will lead a guided meditation, followed by a guided movement and bellydance flow honoring our instincts and womb-health. Then we will give and receive a short but sweet massage with a partner, then feast and be merry!

What to Bring:

-Wear layered comfortable clothes you can move/dance in. No dance experience necessary.
-Vegan/vegetarian food item to share
-Yoga mat (optional) I will provide mats and blankets but you can bring your own.
-Altar item- something that represents pleasure for you
-PWYC $10



This month, we are celebrating the aptly-named ‘Cold moon’ which is the January full moon. We are out of the darkest point, but still not quite feeling the light coming into being just yet. This is the perfect time for Intuitive Collaging! Gather up some magazines and scissors, I will provide bristol board, glue and inspiration to help you discover and express what wants to be birthed from your soul this year! You never know what exactly will be revealed during the creative process.
We will allow our instincts to guide us in creating a vision of what is ready to be birthed from within and manifested. You can come with a specific intention, or allow it to come forth as you create. We will do a short ritual to empower our pieces with our intentions and take some time to reflect, share and receive support. No art expertise necessary here, just an open mind and heart. Take home your creation and let it be a reminder of the important desires stirring within you at this time, and the loving energy of support you have from the sisterhood to make it happen!  All women welcome, teens welcome, PWYC donation.

Please Bring:

– Magazines, printed images, anything that inspires you. Scissors.
– Vegetarian food item to share
-Readiness to be in sacred space


Please join us on Friday Dec 20th @7pm for a Cozy Sisterly Solstice Celebration! An evening of storytelling, divination, relaxation and sisterhood medicine! Let us gather and keep warm in body and heart as we celebrate the darkest time of year. We are resting in the womb of the Goddess now, awaiting our rebirth… this is the time to slow down, dream, rest, reflect, wait, nourish ourselves, and be inspired.

We will begin with a grounding and relaxing meditation, followed by storytime- You are invited to share an inspirational short story, quote, reading, song lyrics or image with the group…anything you find inspiring or healing at this time. Get cozy with a warm blanket, pillow, tea and some food. Take some time for personal reflection and dreaming for the new year. In partners we will do short divinations for each other, using a selection of tarot & oracle cards. You are welcome to bring your own deck or oracle tool if you like. You do not need any oracle reading experience! Use your intuition/ or books for guidance I am happy to help with interpretations or questions. There will be time for personal reflection as well as play and socializing.

Please Bring:

  • A reading, story, quote or image to share- anything you find inspiring or healing at this time. Try to keep it 5 mins or less.
  • Yoga mat and/or blanket, pillow, slippers, anything that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. I have several blankets and a few extra pillows and a few yoga mats if you forget.
  • Vegetarian or vegan food item to share
  • Pen & paper or journal
  • Altar item – along the theme of the Womb, rest, solstice, etc. (optional)
  • Readiness to be in sacred and non-judgmental space
  • Donation of non perishable food item, or TTC token or $ donation for the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Embracing The Crone- Goddess of Death & Rebirth