Embracing The Crone- Goddess of Death & Rebirth


We are at the darkening time of year… the time to slow down, go within, descend into the cauldron of change. It is time to let go of what no longer serves us, what weighs us down, and transform the old compost into a new seed of rebirth. We have inner work to do, and The Crone is here to help!

In this circle, we will do a guided meditation to meet with our personal Crone. She is our wise higher self who’s wisdom we bring with us through lifetimes. We will visit her to get in touch with our truth, our darker side and receive guidance for transformation.

Then we will do a ritual of letting go- burning away what no longer serves us to make room for the new. We will embrace our fears, losses and longings, and vision the new life awaiting us in the light!

We will also discuss our Bleeding time… this is the menstrual phase of the year- the time to cleanse and renew in stillness and reflection. We will discuss practical ways of making this time of the cycle sacred and renewing rather than stressful and dis-empowering.

Questions for Reflection prior to meeting:

  • In these next couple weeks, please reflect on your fears, unresolved feelings, habits or aspects of yourself you know are holding you back, grief, frustrations, anything you want to let go of, and longings that have been unacknowledged or expressed.
  • Take note of whats really important to you right now. What do you care about?
  • Also taken note of dreams and visions of yourself content, empowered, in the ‘new place’ you want to be. Note dreams that may seem out of reach now, let any possibilities emerge.
  • Reflect on how you normally experience your bleeding time (if applicable). Do you slow down, take time to reflect, honor yourself? Is it painful? What emotions come up? Do you expect yourself to be as productive as other times of the month?

Please Bring to Circle:

  • Any notes you have taken from your reflection questions above
  • A small candle- a tea-light or half-length size candle that can be burned down within a few hours. You may choose a color that corresponds to qualities you would like to embody once the old has been let go of. Otherwise a neutral color is fine.
  • A food or drink item to share with the group
  • PWYC donation
  • Journal/paper & pen
  • Readiness to be present in a sacred & non-judgmental space

I look forward to meeting with you soon! If you have any questions, please email me: serena_stardust@hotmail.com

Blessings, Serena