Handmade Goddess Products

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All handmade products made by Serena Oakley- Please email me if interested: serena.l.oakley@gmail.com.

Moon Cycle Goddess Bracelets

Moon Cycle Goddess bracelets $10 each

Maiden: Moonstone & Opalite     Mother: Rose quartz & Cherry quartz     Enchantress: Red Howlite, Black onyx & beads                                               Crone: Black onyx & beads       Moon Cycle (center) : Moonstone, cherry quartz, red howlite & black onyx to represent each phase of the cycle


Moon Magic Bracelets






Moon Magic Bracelets $10 each:   Lunar bracelets to encourage intuitive insight and sensitivity: Moonstone & opalite; amethyst & opalite; Onyx & Opalite.


Goddess Isis insence




  Goddess Isis Insence $8:

Isis is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, magic and healing. Her name means ‘Queen of the Throne’. Burn insence to invoke her energies or celebrate your inner Priestess.





Womb Health Tea



Womb Health Tea $6:

A daily womb health tonic with Nettle, Raspberry leaves, Ginger & Rose. Made with herbs generally safe for pregnancy, however please consult with your health care practitioner before use if pregnant.





Sea Goddess Bath Salts


Sea Goddess Bath Salts $13:

Detox Bath: Himalayan & Epsom salts blended with natural essential oils of: Geranium, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Black Spruce & Cedarwood. *Not recommended for during pregnancy

Revitalising Bath: Himalayan & Epsom salts blended with natural essential oils of Geranium, Lavender & Bergamot. Made with essential oils generally deemed safe for pregnancy, but please consult health care practitioner before use.





   Happy Hathor Aromatherapy Mist:

The Goddess Hathor is an ancient egyptian goddess of fertility, joy, love and motherhood. This both soothing and uplifting blend of frankincense, sweet orange and more will bring a smile to your face. Helpful for depression and anxiety. $12







20151204_114811Aphrodite Mist:Wear as a perfume or body spray. This very popular and sensual blend of frankincense, a variety of roses and more will awaken your inner Aphrodite- Goddess of self-love and sensuality. $14









20151204_114827Sweet Dreams Mist: Can be used as a pillow spray or body/aura mist whenever you need to unwind and calm the mind after a long day.  This nighttime blend of clary-sage, lavender, marjoram and more will soothe the nerves, relax the mind and help induce sleep. $12








20151204_131853Crystal Necklaces $16-$22