Moontime Sanctuary

20141226_145253Make your Moontime a sacred time just for you- to dream, relax, vision or play- come and spend some time in the Moon Lodge…

A woman’s Moontime is her most fertile and potent time for dreaming, visioning, introspection and intuitive perception.

When our body menstruates, our energies naturally pull inward, and we become irritated by excessive noise, energetic intrusions, physical and social demands. Our body is asking us to rest, be alone, reflect, release what no longer serves us, and simply ‘be’. At this time of the month we often find solace in nature, the simple things, as our body slows down, and our brain waves take on a natural ‘theta wave’ or meditative state.

This is an excellent time to review our path, and see clearly what is no longer working for us, and decide on any changes we wish to make- for both our rational and intuitive mind are at a perfect equilibrium, so we are able to see the big picture and connect with whats most meaningful to us as well as whats most doable at the same time. Its also an excellent time to let go of expectations of ourselves, and simply relax into a gentle pace with lots of space to do nothing.

Unfortunately, many modern women have work long hours and expend most of their energy on nurturing others and dealing with the outside world demands during their Moontime. This can be depleting, exhausting and can cause us to miss out on the deeper messages of our Spirit. Many women find it is very challenging to set boundaries with their co-workers, children, partners, loved ones to get some necessary ‘time-out’. Many women also simply don’t have a space which is all to themselves, away from distractions to facilitate relaxation. When we boldly carve out at least a few hours every moontime to rest and reflect, and delegate our responsibilities regularly to others for this time of the month, it transforms our relationship to ourselves and to our loved ones. As we remember and honor our value for simply ‘being’ and reflecting rather than ‘doing’, we create a healthy aura around ourselves that attracts more peaceful, loving interaction. When we honor our time for rest and reflection we can re-enter the world with greater energy, insight, inspiration and focus.


Moon Time Willow Cozy Corner

I am lucky to have a Moontime sanctuary as a retreat for my moontime needs. So much of my work requires this space- to vision, dream, journey, dance, play, and hold gatherings and healings- it is like being in the great Mother’s womb…here I feel at peace, able to relax, and receive ideas and creative inspiration. I would like to share this space with YOU, and give you the gift of a mini moontime retreat whenever you feel called during the time frame of your period, or if you are not bleeding but require a bit of time for yourself.



The space will be equipped with a Goddess altar, music, oracle and tarot card decks, mats, books, cozy blankets, pillows, paper, pens and coloured pencils for you to simply ‘be’, relax, dream, play, move, dance, breathe, whatever you need to do. The space is yours to relax in. Feel free to bring your journal, favourite book, snack, or your own music.  If you would like some facilitation, I will be available for:

-Gentle energy clearing

-Hands-on intuitive healing

– Aromatherapy- creating an essential oil blend for the atmosphere or for you to take home

– Dream drumming, or a guided meditation journey

*Suggestion: Book a Womb Blessing, Tarot/Oracle Reading or Healing Body Therapy to compliment your Moontime retreat.

I recommend you come to Moontime Sanctuary on one of the days within your week of menstruating, however I am open to any time you feel you need a time-out. Time in the Moontime Sanctuary and receiving facilitation is on a PWYC/donation basis. Please contact me to set up an appointment time and let me know of any facilitation or other healing modality you would like to receive with myself or Mona. Please honor your commitment to your appointment as it requires preparation and my presence.

In Womb-love and warmth, Serena.


Dream with the wise Grandmother