Personalised Healing Sessions


Are you in a time of transition & change, or  just stressed and in need some self-care time? Longing to deeply relax or reconnect to your Feminine Wisdom in a personally tailored session that addresses your needs?

I am happy to help! No two life-journeys are the same, and each individual has their own unique needs which must be addressed in order to blossom into their fullnesss.

“While in my third trimester, I asked Serena for a private healing session that included movement, massage, a guided meditation journey and baby blessing to help guide me through the upcoming birth and transition into motherhood. What she provided was a unique, relaxing and deep journey, that only Serena could offer. Our session flowed smoothly and effortlessly through guided meditation, massage, yoga, and affirmations that Serena gave me to empower the spirit and steady the nerves. It was exactly what I needed as I prepared for my birth: physical, emotional and spiritual support from a wise healer/ mother channeling the guidance and love from the great Mother and all those who have gone through the journey of birth. “ -Sarah Chisholm, midwife and new mother.

In a Personalised Healing Session we may use a combination of my many healing tools, such as:

-Guided meditation journeys, visualizations and affirmations

– Ritual

-Tarot/oracle card readings

-Yoga postures, breathing exercises

-Healing movement and dance

-Essential oils, aromatherapy, herbs, crystal healing



Some examples of personalised sessions include:

-A healing session to empower you through a transition, such as: Marriage, fertility, pregnancy, weaning, menopause, first menstruation, coming out, self-marriage/independence, or any personal journey significant to you.

-Helping pregnant women and new mothers connect to their Feminine Power, birth themselves as a mother and connect with the baby using a combination of energy work, yoga, movement, breathing, guided meditation and affirmation creation.

-Giving you a nourishing self-care session, and help you carve out a realistic self-care plan for the future, using a combination of any above modalities.

– Helping men discover their inner Goddess, connect to the Sacred Feminine in their daily lives and the women in their life.

-Providing holistic methods to compliment your conventional treatment of a medical issue- using energy work, crystal healing, herbs

-Practical planning to help you align your daily life to work in harmony with the moon cycles and/or your menstrual cycle, through discussion, education on the stages of each cycle and connection to your womb through meditation or energy healing.

-A personally tailored yoga, movement or bellydance session with Serena.


Personalised Healing Sessions sliding scale $60-$85/hr.  To book an appointment, please email Serena: In your email, please inform me of your situation so we can dialogue about creating a session that will suit your needs.

I hold a sacred space of confidentiality, respect, an open mind and an open heart. We look forward to supporting you on your journey!