reiki rainbowReiki is a form of Hands-on-Healing that helps to balance and restore the energy in one’s body. When you are feeling stressed, tired, ill or injured, Reiki can help bring you back into balance and health.

The patient is usually lying down and fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on various parts of the patient’s body, remaining sometimes for several minutes at a time. The practitioner transfers universal energy or ‘Ki’ through their hands and into the patient. The energy flows to where it is needed for healing. The practitioner works as a channel for energy, allowing blockages to be removed and the natural flow to be restored. Effects from a treatment tend to be relaxation, increased energy, a sense of lightness and improved health. Depending on your condition, regular treatments may be required.

This is an excellent complimentary form of healing to almost any other modality. Many hospitals are recognising the benefits of Reiki and other forms of gentle, non-invasive energy healing on patients. I enjoy providing this service on its own or combined with another modality.