Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?  20150917_082655

The shamanic perspective is that the health of a person is rooted in Spirit. When there is a problem in the physical realm, the shamanic healer addresses the issue most by healing the spiritual cause, and the shift is felt and experienced in the physical realm. The spiritual realm is not separate from this one, but can be considered a ‘higher octave’ of this realm. It is different in that it communicates through symbols, feelings, sensations and images through our intuition or our inner eye.

A shamanic healing practitioner goes into a trance-like state and becomes an open channel for healing energy.  They connect with compassionate helper spirits in the spiritual realm, and the helper spirits send healing energy through the practitioner to the client.

Shamanic Healing is inspired from the ancient healing practices of Shamans from all over the world. Its purpose is to remove energetic blockages and restore a person’s energy, power, gifts and strength, that have been lost from past stressful or traumatic experiences.

All of us at some point in our lives have experienced events that wounded us, shocked us, caused pain, suffering, hurt, broken heart, grief. A woman’s womb centre (whether there is physically a womb there or not) records her emotions and feelings of  security, especially those in her relationships, and in the financial arena. It records her beliefs in her own worthiness and self esteem. It records her feelings about herself as a sexual, creative, sensual being.  Her desires, attachments, breakups, and events that violated her personal boundaries become imprinted in this area. The womb is our message centre of what brings us joy, what feels good, and whether or not we are living in harmony with our feminine, receptive, creative nature.  After enough afflicitions or traumas-whether in this life or a past life, we begin to lose our ability to recognise what feels good and lose touch with our creative and sexual power. We can feel ‘numb’ inside, powerless, worthless, or become ill.   When we reflect on the nature of our conditioning as young girls that sends very confusing and demeaning messages about who we should be, how we should act, and about our worth based on appearance, not to mention the myriad of ways our wombs can experience trauma (sexual abuse, rape, unhealthy relationships, environmental toxins, lack of emotional or financial support, etc) it is common for women to require healing or re-balancing in this area and in other areas of the body and energy field.

Once trauma has happened, in order for us to survive the pain of the event, a part of us- what we call a ‘Soul Part’ often flees the scene in order to reduce our sensitivity  and enable us to handle the pain to survive and continue on. This in itself is a protective, positive measure to allow us to continue living in this world…however…

As time goes on, we often attract similar situations and triggers of the pain of the originating trauma, and experience repeated negative patterns in our lives that remind us of the wound we are carrying.  If we do not tend to the wound, over time we may develop chronic illness, depression, anxiety, addictions, or simply unhappiness, or a feeling that we are not fully in our body, happy to be here, nor able to enjoy life.

Shamanic Healing works by removing energy blockages that are no longer serving you, and are preventing you from living in your fullness and joy. It restores your lost energy, returns gifts and abilities to you,  healing, power, and strength that you had lost during painful experiences. The process of Soul Retrieval is a powerful shamanic healing method that helps you to live your life in wholeness. For those times when a Soul Retreival may not be appropriate, (We will discuss your situation beforehand) a more gentle restorative method such as Power Animal Retrieval or Extraction can bring you the added energy you need to move forward.

Shamanic Healing can help you to:

-Release the past and recover from trauma

-Reclaim your power, gifts and abilities

-Improve health and well-being, renewed energy

-Feel passion for life

-Find peace and acceptance

-Discover your Spirit Animal Helpers

-Bring positive changes into your life

IMG_0499As a Shamanic Healing Practitioner I help restore your power and improve your health and well-being by journeying to hidden realms and being a channel for my Spirit Helpers to transfer you the healing you need.   I  go into a trance-like state using singing, rattling, drumming and movement becoming a channel for my helping spirits to transfer power and healing energy to you.

A Shamanic Healing session may consist of Extraction (removal of energy blockages), Soul Retrieval (restoring lost soul parts and gifts from past trauma), Power Animal Retrieval (Bringing you renewed energy and protection), Psychopomp (working with spirits who have passed on), or divination.

I trained in Shamanic Healing with Daniel Leonard of The Medicine Circle  in Toronto. This training was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. My first Soul Retrieval with Daniel healed my depression and filled me with confidence and joy I had never previously felt, that has remained to this day through several life challenges and losses.  As my training continued, I experienced deep shifts that have  integrated and healed past traumas and uncovered my intuitive and healing abilities. I feel many of my life experiences and past life experiences have helped me be an effective channel for healing in the present. My struggles with endometriosis and experience as a mother in this life have taught me much about my womb, and my womb centre continues to be one of my greatest teachers! My ongoing coaches continue to be Daniel, my body, my Spirit Helpers and ancestors- who train me through my daily life events, plants and animals in my environment, interactions with people, messages and teachings in my dreamtime and of course, my many journeys to the Spirit World.

I hold an open-hearted space of compassion, reverence and respect and an open mind. Alongside this training I have studied Reiki, basic herbology and aromatherapy, massage, intuitive arts, such as astrology, tarot, counselling and other knowledge that serves to compliment our sessions. My passion for spiritual growth and learning means that I make shamanism a way of life. I am committed to my own continuous learning, personal healing work and walk my own healing spiral dedicated to living life in line with my Spirit. My path is a journey of continuously healing and re-birthing myself anew.

If you are feeling called to receive a Shamanic Healing session with me, please email me:, or phone 705-933-9891. Please let me know a bit about your situation and why you would like to receive this healing. All genders welcome.

Shamanic Healing session: Approx 90 mins long.

Sliding scale -you choose your payment based on your financial ability: (Suggested- $70- $120)

Read more about shamanic healing from my teacher, Daniel Leonard’s site here:

You can also visit his teacher, Sandra Ingerman: