Tarot, Astrology and Oracle Readings


Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Looking for some clarity and fresh perspective on your situation? Tarot, Astrology and Oracle readings can have a very immediate healing effect, by bringing an ‘aha!’ moment of understanding, reminding you of how you truly feel, bringing clarity to a larger pattern at work and connecting you to your inner wisdom when you feel you’ve lost your way.

Tarot & Goddess Oracle:

I have been reading tarot and oracle cards since I was 13 years old. My mom always had card decks for me to explore, as she read for herself and friends. My grandmother read tea leaves and playing cards daily for her loved ones, as did her mother, my great-grandmother. I have had the privilege of studying the Tarot with some very experienced and talented readers in the Toronto area, and continue to learn and grow studying on my own and working with others.

I always resonated with symbolism. I have a very active dream-life, an equally artistic and analytical mind and insatiable curiosity about the universe and of human nature. I pursued intense study of astrology, dream-work, numerology, psychology, mythology, self-healing and self-understanding through my teens and twenties and continue to today. I love that there is always mystery and always more to learn when it comes to unlocking the truth and navigating the waters of life.

The cards function like a mirror- showing us what we ultimately already know deep inside but may have forgotten through our struggles. I do not think of the cards as a predictive tool, but rather as a healing tool. While we may ask questions about our future, and be able to see the potentials that lie ahead, I feel it is more useful to allow the information to inspire and motivate us to grow through our current situation. It is our present actions that determine the future.  The wonderful thing about the oracle is that it gives us tools to make the most empowered, conscious and liberating choices for ourselves. It allows us to break out of unhealthy patterns and create new ones that support our best interests and help us live more peacefully in our day to day reality.


I have had the pleasure of studying, living and breathing astrology since I was 18 years old. I am certified with the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (CAAE) and have studied on my own and in consult with my mentor for several years. I am devoted to an Earth-based practice that celebrates the cycles of the Earth, Sun and Moon and live by the adage “As above, so below” with the belief that we are all connected. We are constantly living in cycles in our lives- and Astrology is an excellent tool for articulating and understanding the cycles you are experiencing and how to best navigate them. It can also help you understand more about yourself and your innate gifts, talents and challenges. I most often like to combine astrology with numerology and/or oracle cards in my readings, as they help give a more complete picture of the influences taking place. I often think of an astrology reading as akin to checking one’s personal  ‘weather forecast’.  Rather than using it to predict specific events I prefer to use it as a tool of self-awareness, personal growth and making informed choices on our path into the future. I can provide a natal chart reading which focuses on your personal gifts, patterns and challenges you were born with, or I can take a look at the cycles affecting you at this point in time and onward into the future.

What makes a reading with me stand apart? 

I treat a reading as a healing experience rather than just an intellectual exchange. I will often incorporate meditation, visualisation, breathing exercises, grounding techniques, tea/herbs, aromatherapy or gemstones to help anchor and ground the messages of the reading. A reading can be a transformational experience. It is common for people coming to me to be feeling stressed or anxious or overwhelmed, so I hold space for what’s going on in mind, body, emotions and Spirit during our reading. I use my education in counselling skills, holistic health, yoga and trauma-informed yoga and anti-oppressive practice to hold a truly supportive and confidential space for our reading to take place.

I use a variety of decks to suit your needs. My current favorites to work with are The classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck and Goddess Oracle cards by Marachinsky-Janto. Sometimes I will get a sense the day of our appointment of what deck may want to work with you. Astrology readings often require several hours of prep-time before our reading so I charge accordingly.

I uphold a code of confidentiality, ethics, respect, an open heart and open mind. I strive to make readings accessible to various needs. Readings most often take place in person at my home in Toronto, ON, but I can also do a Skype or phone reading or meet at a coffee shop if you prefer.


Tarot or Goddess Oracle reading: Sliding scale

$45-$60 for 30-45 mins

$60-$75 for 60 mins

Astrology reading: Sliding scale *Includes complimentary mini Goddess Oracle reading OR Numerology

$120-$150 for 60 mins (Natal chart OR present & future forecast; Includes complimentary mini Goddess Oracle reading or Numerology)

$150-$175 for 90 mins. (Natal chart AND present & future forecast; Includes complimentary mini Goddess Oracle reading or Numerology)

$175-$190 for 2 hours (Natal chart + Present & future forecast + Numerology; Includes complimentary oracle card reading)

  • Please inquire regarding energy exchange

To make an appointment or questions, please email Serena: serena.l.oakley@gmail.com.  I look forward to meeting you!


Serena in vintage tarot mode. Photo by Stacie Noel.