Sacred Feminine Workshops


Sacred Feminine Workshops are designed to help women of all ages and backgrounds live in harmony with their menstrual cycle and/or embrace The Goddess in their lives. These two workshops: Moon Goddess Wisdom and Healing Aphrodite- Sacred Pleasure Playshop are offered at intervals throughout the year.

Moon Goddess Wisdom

In this workshop we explore the 4 Feminine Archetypes- Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone. We learn how to embody them, discover our personal relationship to each one, and work in harmony with them through our menstrual cycle and/or creative cycles throughout our lives. You will also receive helpful nutritional and natural healing tips to help with hormonal balance and deal with menstrual cycle stress. Even if you do not have a menstrual cycle, no longer have a cycle, if you are on the pill, or do not have a womb, you can still benefit greatly from this workshop because these archetypes are part of all our lives- through our creative cycles, the seasons and life transitions!

The 4 Sacred Feminine archetypes are also present throughout the moon cycle- so we discuss ways of living our lives in tune with the moon. Following Her rhythms helps us know when to conserve our energy, when to express it and how so we can lives our lives to its maximum potential with the least amount of stress and be in a harmonious and loving relationship with our bodies.

These workshops are inspired by the work of Miranda Gray and her books ‘Red Moon’ and ‘The Optmised Woman’- which I highly recommend readingMoon Goddess Wisdom is imbued with practical tools¬† from my years of experience working with these archetypes and my background in astrology, natural health, meditation, dance, and Goddess-centered witchcraft. In my experience, the essence of the Sacred Feminine is the cyclical nature of life reflected in the Moon and Earth’s cycles. Embracing these cycles within us restores our Feminine Power.

Come and experience the fullness of your feminine divinity~ the beauty of your changing nature~ the power of the Adventurous Maiden (Trailblazer) ; Nurturing Mother(Life Giver); Enchantress (Creative Destructrix); and Crone (Wise One)….

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This workshop will help you to:

– Understand the 4 Sacred Feminine archetypes through guided meditation, goddess myths, discussion and reflection

– Discover how the archetypes manifest through you and your personal relationship to each one

– Gain practical knowledge that can reduce PMS symptoms, ease menstrual pain, increase physical energy, improve self-esteem and self-image; Maximise your creative energy and help you manifest your goals with ease and efficiency, such as nutritional and natural healing methods.

-Learn how to chart your cycle and discover your unique rhythm

-Learn how to manifest projects and efficiently use the cycles of the moon

– Take home lots of helpful information and a gift

*Tea and snack provided

Cost: $45 Early-bird; $55 afterwards

Date TBA

Location: Toronto

Space is limited! To reserve your space in this workshop, please pay below (and await a confirmation email from me) or email me:

Healing Aphrodite: Sacred Pleasure Playshop


“Our Inner Aphrodite is like a sensuous flower blossom just waiting to unfurl her luxuriously soft petals, release her intoxicating scent and reveal her unique and divine beauty to the world. Each of us carries the ability to open Her, in our own time, in our own way. We must remember that abundant waves of pleasure and bliss are available to us in each moment, ready to flow through us and recharge our body and soul- we simply have to allow it.” -Serena Oakley

DSC_0230Awaken your inner Aphrodite- Goddess of Sensuality, pleasure, self-love and body bliss! Many of us have spent our lives in shame, guilt, denial and oppression of this beautiful and vital part of our being. Many of us carry wounds and traumas that have caused us to close off from our sensual instincts- which was necessary at the time to help us survive and continue on.  But in the present when it is no longer helpful it can cause us to forget how to receive pleasure, in even the smallest of ways.

This has been a major part of my personal healing path, as I have struggled with a chronic pain condition, painful sex, sexual guilt and shame and spent my adult life thus far healing myself and my relationship with my body. I have been lucky to find wonderful practitioners and tools that have helped me become the much more embodied, integrated, sensually/sexually comfortable and happy woman I am today.

Through ecstatic dance, bellydance, movement, yoga, breathing, visualisation, Goddess-centered ritual, gentleness, and sharing loving, respectful touch with others, I have cultivated a toolbox that I will weave into this Playshop.
In this 2.5 hour session we will:

-Go on a guided inner journey to the Temple of Aphrodite for healing
-Awaken our senses through breathing and guided free- movement
-Discover the bliss that resides in our belly, pelvis, yoni and heart through guided ‘Seven Waves Essential Bellydance’ movements
-Share a group dance
-Do partner massage/healing touch- fully clothed
-Share a delicious snack
-Exchange a small sensuous gift

Date: TBA
Space is limited, to reserve your space please email me: