Zaar- A Women’s Ancient Dance Ritual of Purification

What is a Zaar?   IMG1074

The Zaar is a community healing ritual of drumming and dancing, primarily involving women and led by women. It was said to have originated in East Africa and been practised in Egypt since pre-Islamic times.

The intent of Zaar is for women to gather together and release their stresses, woes, burdens, grief, sadness, anger and other toxic emotions that have built up over time. Getting together in small trusted groups in a safe environment to cry, release, dance, move, and sound together is a deeply healing experience. The drumming facilitates a trance-like state where you can move deeply into your emotions and feelings to instinctively release what no longer serves you.

Especially at the transitional times of year, Spring and Fall, it is important to clear our inner landscapes to make room for the new. This is a very special ritual dance for all women.

What will happen at this Zaar?

Join us for a Zaar! (Date TBA)

The facilitators of this Zaar will combine their knowledge and experience in ritual and healing facilitation to create a deeply healing experience that combines ancient traditions with modern sensibility.

Ritual purification through water and incense upon arrival. Participants will then be led through a guided moving meditation to enter into one’s body and feeling self, to get out of the thinking mind.

Facilitators will safely and intuitively hold space and facilitate throughout the dance to process the letting go.

Releasing of emotions in a Zaar can vary widely in how it presents itself. You may move your body rhythmically or dance in a variety of ways; roll around on the floor; make sounds, sigh, cry, jump, shake, stomp, stretch, etc. The drumming, and your intention will guide you. You only need to go as deeply as you feel comfortable. You can move as much or as little as you want to. There is no audience. This is a safe space for you to do what you feel is necessary, but with awareness that you are also sharing this experience and space with others.

Ritual elements to facilitate rebirth into light and regaining a sense of balance will be provided at the end.

*Natural insence will be burned at the beginning and end of the ritual.

This Zaar will be facilitated by the live drumming and singing by the talented Musician, Singer and Middle Eastern Dancer Roula Said of Om Laila Bellydance Toronto and Serena Oakley, Women’s dance and ritual facilitator, bellydancer, founder of Her Sacred Body.

Next Zaar date and location is TBA.

If you are interested in participating in a Zaar, please email me:  C