Healing Body Therapies

Releasing tension in the body and restoring proper energy flow is one of the first steps to healing any issue. Enjoy a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating treatment including Aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy and Therapeutic Touch in our healing sanctuary by a seasoned practitioner passionate about women’s health and living life in balance at every stage of life.




BellyFlow is a healing mind-body practice that awakens sensual intelligence and cultivates intimacy with your body in a fun, fluid and mindful way. This fusion of yoga, bellydance and feminine embodiment is excellent for pelvic health and stress reduction. All ages and fitness levels welcome!




Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is rooted in ancient practices all over the world to restore a person’s health and well-being. It is spiritual healing with benefits that manifest on all levels. If you are feeling stuck, unhappy, chronically ill, exhausted or not ‘at home’ inside yourself, you may benefit from a shamanic healing session to restore your energy, power and passion for life.




Her Sacred Body is a healing sanctuary for women’s wellness in Peterborough, Ontario dedicated to helping women prioritise self-care.  Here you can let go of the stresses of your daily life and  truly ‘come home’ to your body and spirit!

Explore our offerings that help you relax into your body, ease stressful transitions, support reproductive and overall health, celebrate your sensuality, heal & nurture your spirit!

Her Sacred Body is the place for you if you are experiencing…

-A time of transition or stress

-A need for solace, grounding, support

-Desire to explore the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess, get in touch with your Feminine Power

-Desire to connect to your intuitive wisdom, or find magic in your everyday life

-Feeling out of touch with your body

-A health condition

-Desire to become pregnant, are pregnant or post-partum

-Reclaiming a sense of self and autonomy




-Creatively or sexually blocked

-Wanting to create changes in your life but are feeling ‘stuck’

– Low self-esteem

-Body image issues

“Our sensuality is the worldly agent for our soul. It is through our physical bodies we are privy to our most tactile truths- what feels good, expansive and right and what feels contracting, limiting and wrong. It’s through our bodies we know truth. It’s through our bodies we know love. It’s through our bodies we express who we are. Our sense-ability is precisely what gives us access to the intricate layers of our soul.”

-Lone Morch, Lolo’s Boudoir

“You are woman. You are strong because you are not constant, because the rhythm of change is the rhythm of the universe.”
Miranda Gray from the book ‘Red Moon’

 “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

-Diane Mariechild